Protecting Your Furniture on a Long-Distance Journey

Moving, especially over long distances, can be stressful for your belongings, particularly cherished furniture. Here are some expert tips to ensure your furniture arrives safe and sound:
Before the Move:
Disassemble what you can: Take apart tables, bed frames, and other furniture to reduce their size and prevent damage to protruding parts. Label disassembled pieces clearly for reassembly. If you have hired a professional company, they will most likely take care of these things for you. Make sure that they do!
Clean and inspect: Remove dust, dirt, and debris from furniture surfaces to avoid staining during transport. Inspect for existing damage and take photos for potential insurance claims.
Invest in proper protection: Purchase moving blankets, bubble wrap, packing tape, furniture pads, and plastic wrap. Use the right materials for different surfaces:
Moving blankets: Ideal for general protection of wood, upholstery, and other delicate surfaces.
Bubble wrap: Protect fragile items like mirrors, glass tabletops, and decorative pieces.
Packing tape: Secure blankets and wrapping materials.
Furniture pads: Place under legs to prevent scratches and dents on both furniture and floors.
Plastic wrap: Use on upholstered furniture for an extra layer of dust and moisture protection.
Packing and Wrapping:
Wrap each piece individually: Don't skimp! Use multiple layers of blankets or bubble wrap, especially for vulnerable areas like corners and edges.
Securely tape your wrapping: Ensure blankets and plastic wrap stay put during transport. Avoid applying tape directly to delicate surfaces.
Fill empty spaces: Use packing peanuts, towels, or blankets to prevent furniture from shifting inside the truck and causing damage.
Label everything: Clearly mark each wrapped piece with its contents and destination room to aid unpacking.
Loading and Transport:
Hire experienced movers: Consider professional movers trained in proper furniture handling for peace of mind, especially for valuable pieces. If you are looking for long distance furniture movers Surrey, we are happy to help!
Load strategically: Distribute weight evenly throughout the truck to prevent tipping and crushing. Place heavier items on the bottom.
Secure furniture inside the truck: Use straps or tie-downs to prevent movement during transit.
By following these expert tips, you can increase the chances of your furniture arriving at your new home safe and sound, ready to create new memories in your new space.

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