Importance of Recycling

The first step towards helping the environment starts at home. Refusing, reducing, re-using and recycling as much as possible is very important. There is a staggering amount of waste that gets thrown away every single day in the household refuse. Sadly, amongst this are many things that can be recycled and need not go to landfills.
Garden rubbish also makes a big chunk of the general waste but is something that can be taken care of on your own by composting. There are companies that you can hire who can responsibly re-use and dispose of leaves and branches rather than just throwing everything away. Recycled garden waste is good for the environment too as also makes an excellent natural fertilizer.
If you cant refuse or re-use, then recycling, whenever possible, is essential for the environment. It helps bring down the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. It, in turn, also helps reduce air pollution as the trash that goes into the landfills ultimately decomposes, causing greenhouse gas emissions and also a bad stench. The toxins from this decomposing trash can leach into the soil and enter the groundwater and contaminate it.
We all now understand that the vast amount of waste that is produced has a negative impact on the environment.
Step 1 - Refuse, if there is an alternative, then take it.
Step 2 - Reduce, if you cant avoid generating waste, can you use or choose less to reduce?
Step 3 - Re-Use. Consider further uses of the packaging and 'waste' you have.
Step 4 - Recycle. This is very important, as it directly reduces the amount of waste going to landfill.
At Clear House Moves, we understand the importance of recycling and re-using whatever is possible. It is always our endeavour to keep waste to a minimum while undertaking house clearances and moves. While disposing of certain goods is at times necessary, we try our best to keep this as a last resort. Whatever can be salvaged we try to send to charity shops or for processing in order to reduce waste.
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