Factors that affect House Clearance Costs

A house clearance involves partial or complete removal of the contents from a household. House clearance services are often required when the house is to be prepared for new occupation by removing the items leftover by previous residents. It can be necessary even if your home has become full of clutter and requires tidying up. These services are also helpful when having to clear after a friend or loved one who has passed away if you do not want to deal with it on your own.

There are quite a few factors that affect the cost of such removals. Here are a few things that might affect the costs:
  • What kind of clearance are you looking for? Partial or complete removal? In the case of complete removal of contents, including any outbuildings, it will invariably cost more.
  • Some require cleaning services where the entire property is cleaned even down to the removal of pictures hooks if needed. There may be additional charges involved in this case.
  • The number of staff required for the job affects the cost. Depending on the size of your property, this cost can be agreed. The cost could go up or down, depending on the quantity of stuff to be removed.
  • Disposal costs of any items and the resale value of items affect the cost. The resale amount can offset the costs involved. Some companies will also give you offers on particular items which will be adjusted in the final costs.
  • Transparent quotes are a must. Always ensure that you know exactly what is covered so that there are no hidden costs later on.
  • The day selected for the removal job can also affect the costs. Holidays or weekdays could cost more.
  • On the day of the clearance, some companies might ask you to prepare the items to be cleared in a particular way to expedite the process. Doing this or leaving it to the company will add or subtract from the costs.

Once you pick a reputable company which provides transparent quotes, and if you can prepare your items in an organised way ahead of time, the whole process will be a lot easier and can be done within the set budget. 

At Clear House Moves, we offer house clearance in London and the Home Counties south of London including, West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire (Hants), Surrey and Kent. Visit us for more information.

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