A Comprehensive Removal Service at Clear House Moves

Is it time to move from your home or office to a new space? Hiring a professional is the best way to go considering that they are well equipped, have the requisite know how and provide a hassle-free service, taking the task off of your shoulders.

What are the services that a removal company will undertake for you?
  • Complete wrapping and packing service
  • Safe transportation of your possessions
  • Packing supplies, including boxes and bubble wrap, as well as advice on the best way to pack your boxes to ensure safe transportation
  • Complete removal of contents including any outbuildings
  • Delivery option to multiple locations, for example, within a single house move items are often required to be delivered to an auction house, or to a storage facility as well as the new property
  • Storage facility
  • Waste disposal in an environment friendly manner
  • Sale of old items wherever possible
  • Cleaning of the entire property

These services differ from company to company. But in general these are the services that are provided by clearing companies. There are a number of factors that affect the cost of a house clearance such as labour i.e the number of staff required, disposal costs of any items and the resale value of any items. At Clear House we provide clear quotations of service inclusions with no hidden costs. If there are any items that we can re-sell we make an offer for these, and if accepted this price is then offset against any goods that remain and will need to be cleared.

Contact us at Clear House Moves for more information on our full range of packing and removals.

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